San Rafael Work Day 2

It is one thing to arrive at a service site and hit the ground running. You are full of energy, excited, and in many instances have been waiting and planning this trip for months. So, I was not surprised when our first day on the Constru Casa work site in San Rafael was so wonderul and such a great success. But being somewhat of a veteran with these sorts of projects, I did not want to count my chicken before seeing how everything went on day two.

As you can see from the photos, the top left picture is from the end of day yesterday. In just a few hours this morning we had already accomplished the first few rows of the walls (bottom left), and by the end of day were nearly half way done with the exterior walls! Doors are now becoming evident, and tomorrow we will be working on making windows.

As much as we’ve worked and accomplished in two days, that’s not to say that we have not also have fun. Kian has donated one of his most prized possessions, a soccer ball that he purchased in Madrid, to the 3 younger boys in the family for whom were building the home.Today he took a little descanso to play some soccer and showed off his skills (and Guatemalans think Americans can’t play soccer-Ha!). The ladies also took a moment to pose and show off their lovely work braids

Today was filled with (more) shoveling, (more) chipping concrete blocks, and the group added mixing concrete by hand to their list of construction skills. Today Mrs. Myers also showed off her (very tired and almost non-existent) concrete block-laying skills, and helped with a couple of rows on the far exterior wall. Tomorrow the students will be learning how to lay block, and will begin working more with the concrete we use to lay the blocks.

All throughout the day the many faces of San Rafael come and peek at the project happening in their village, but more so are looking to see the famous “gringos” who have been rumored to be in the neighborhood. Many of these people are seeing  white people for the first time, and how wonderful that their first impression of Americans is one of service and giving back to their community.

Tonight, we’re off to a typical dinner prepared by our lovely host mother, Janet, and then to a café to try some authentic Maya hot chocolate (the jury is still out on that). Another beautiful day in Guatemala!

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