Being on the brink of a new adventure carries with it a great deal of emotion: excitement, anticipation, hopefulness, worry, a little stress…But you know when you are in the moment that the culmination of all of these emotions can only mean one thing- you’re alive.

We are fortunate that  we are currently living an experience of service in which we will be changing lives and in which our lives will be changed (like my first minivan driving experience with back up assist…..entirely life-changing and so awesome). Impossible to fully understand in the moment, me and six students from Middleburg Academy are embarking on an experience that will leave all of us different. My last trip to Guatemala resulted in a major life shift, a decision which has led me to this current point in my life.


We land in Miami and head straight for the art district- Wynwood. Founded by the Cuban immigrant population in the late 50s and early 60s, the neighborhood has been become an artist’s mecca, filled with graffiti, street art, posh restaurants and palm tree-lined streets. Although it it just a (14 hour) layover, it is a smooth transition into the Spanish as we hear it on the radio, see it on the GPS, feel it around us in the music and conversations.

At the beginning of another life-changing journey, it is great to know we got off on the right foot- an excellent meal. Chicken and waffles anyone?

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