When people think of an enjoyable afternoon, one of the last things to come to mind is an afternoon in the airport. I however, could not think of a place I would rather be…

DSC_0024…on the brink of adventure.

Airports are the initial inertia and the final exhausted leg of one’s journey-both near and far- and create the beautiful bookends for our traveling memories.

Here I am sitting with my 18 students (and their 5 family members) who are on the brink of their international adventure-for many of them their first. I remember my airport when I parted from my parents for the first time, 15 years old, to explore the big, wide world on my own. And here they sit, anxious and naive to what will come there way in the days and weeks that follow. One might almost envy their position in life right now, where so much still seems overwhelming and exciting and new. But I insteadchoose to focus on my present, my current airport, which will take me away to another wonderful life adventure to store in my safe of memories. At this airport I am catching the connecting flight to my future and where it may still yet take me.

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