Camp continued…

VA GeographyA very full two days we have had here at camp, as our students press on teaching about American ways and customs to the international students of the OVO School.  Jack and Chris were the responsible parties for the lesson of the day: American history. The guys did a great job incorporating activities into their lesson plans, making the process both fun and informational.

After their lessons, each color team was broken into groups and given the task to create their own country. They had to elect a leader (which was to be one of the international students). As a group they were charged with writing 10 laws for their country and create a flag for their country, much like our founding fathers did over some 350 years ago. After solidifying their country’s legislature, each elected “President” shared with the greater group their country’s laws and and collectively the camp decided which laws where the most important.  Laws

After Jack and Chris’s lesson, our American students went to Chinese class, where they learned vocabulary about family members, and practiced writing introductions in the (very complex) Chinese characters. The rest of the afternoon, our group broke off to work on their lesson plans for our first day out in Huizhou: teaching about American dining etiquette.

Our American students lead each group in lessons about the Do’s and Don’ts of dining out in the United States, as well as discussing proper dinner conversations, how to order food, temperature of food (for meats), and place settings (fork on the left!). The summer camp then gave each camper 100 RMB (the Chinese currency) to pay for his or her dinner at a nice “Western” steakhouse in downtown Huizhou. With that money, the group had to come up with a budget, order food for all team members, pay tip, and try to have some money left over. Each color team competed for points (which Mr. Bell and I awarded) based on cooperation as a team, generosity within the team, economic frugality etc. The results come out on Friday at the closing ceremony as to who won….I will keep you posted as to the victor (I know you can hardly wait!) Jenny, Betty, Annika

After the morning food lesson, we went out to the West Lake, formed by the Ying River around which beautiful Huizhou was founded. We took a boat ride around the lake and on our way to dinner stopped at a lotus garden, where the lotus were in full bloom. After some time on the lake we were off to Supersteak for our “Western dinner” and thus our competition.  The phrase that was written over the Supersteak entrance really does an excellent job of summarizing our Chinese experience to this point: “Most Spacious and Stylish Fusion Cousin in Town”…Nice.

We enjoyed a lovely evening of steak, lamb, pasta, and/ or pizza- minus Mr. Bell, who enjoyed a Sushi supper, remaining true to the Chinese experience.

Today Hunter and Kyle taught about daily life in the United States. Tomorrow, we will learn more about food from Cori and Grayson. Just a few more days at camp until we begin the trek home. We’re nearly there!!

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