An Anthropologist’s Dream Park

The days here in China have been getting longer, and the mornings earlier, and I think it is safe to say that all of us are in recovery mode from the treacherous hike up the mountain yesterday. Stairs have taken on a whole new meaning for us all.

DSC_0096Today was another hot and humid day in Shenzhen, but the adventure that captivated us all was the Folk Cultural Village, which in American English translates to Disney World + Epcot + Busch Gardens, minus rides, all focusing on the over 50 different ethnic groups in China. In short is was an anthropologists version of a theme park. I can say however, beyond the obvious amount of cultural information, there was a great amount to do, and the day was full of zip lines, ropes courses, and different cultural shows featuring dance, and music and all requiring audience participation. It was all very cool. 


After finishing the day we freshened up and went to another spectacular dinner where we met three more Chinese students whom will be joining our ranks in the fall. Jerry (the new student we met yesterday) joined us again for dinner, and we also had the pleasure to meet Cheris, Yvonne, and Alan. Cheris and Alan are incoming freshman, and Yvonne and Jerry are incoming sophomores. All great students, and they and our students enjoyed meeting and chatting. After dinner we took an evening stroll around downtown Shenzhen in their version of a City Center, with some of the most spectacular buildings any of us have ever seen. We also saw a skyscraper under construction that when completed, will be the second tallest building in the world, second only to the building in Dubai. Truly spectacular. 

New intl students.jpeg

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