Shenzhen: The Miami of China

Nestled between the mountains and sea, Shenzhen is drastically different that Beijing: it truly is a New York (Beijing) to Miami (Shenzhen) comparison. The air is clean and fresh, and the area is surrounded with lush vegetation. Hydrangeas and palm trees are commonplace, and it is evident that the plant life was an intentional part of city planning, being that it is everywhere around us. We are very near the Indian Ocean, and this evening a few of us saw the port of entry from Shenzhen into Hong Kong, near the city center. Shenzhen Mtn

Shenzhen is a very modern city, with high rise apartments, sophisticated public transportation, and a very European-influenced feel very much so contrasting the exotic feeling of Beijing. Our hotel/apartment is particularly modern, with round beds and all!
Arriving in Shenzhen was smooth for the most part, and I am proud to say that Mr. Bell and I successfully navigated the Beijing Airport’s Domestic Terminal with no problems. Our flight was late to leave, however, being that there were slight showers delaying our departure. We did arrive, are now settled, have full bellies and are excited about the adventures that lie ahead in the next three days.

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